Sunday, March 07, 2004

i can't also seem to figure out why i'm making such a fuss in creating such on line journals when i can't focus and write substantially. well, this can be a tool to motivate me to religiously keep a journal. now that they (website host) have convinced me to do so, they're lucky! enough of my crap. i write when i'm confused. i write better when i'm irritated. i write best when i'm furious. "hell hath no fury than a woman scorned." this maxim seemed to have literally wedged on my mind ever since our English teacher required us to write a term paper regarding this. the good news is that i seem to have so much to write about anger that i wasn't at all pressured to finish it unlike my other class requirements that seem to dictate every move i take (yup, just like the song!).

Friday, February 20, 2004

Friendster is getting pretty bad. And i mean bad! All our darkest and deepest secrets are within reach with just a click of a button, this time with a gadget called Mouse. Why would someone call this as such? He could have named it EPM or Electrical Pointing Machine! What the heck did he think when he called it a Mouse? Hey, maybe there is a rational explanation behind this. So, okay, i'll stop blabbering about it and get on with my life.
Life, they say sucks! Others mention that life has a way of sucking. It sucks the very core of your being. The juices of your utmost love, senses, knowledge, time, feelings, and strength will be sucked into abyss within a second of misjudgment and this is by accident. Now who's to blame? Yourself? Life? No one! This is why life sucks!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Now that i've got my own blog, I'm not too certain if it's a good idea to create one since millions of strangers will be able to browse through this and I might be in trouble for writing and shoving them ideas about moi!
Anyhow, most of the pieces that i would be writing are fictitious. So worry no more jea!As what a particular bank promises, you're in good hands!